Battery Wallpaper gives current status of your phone’s battery

Are you the one who adds almost every day something new to the home screen of your android mobile? Something cool and catchy, no matter big or small. From time to time, you don’t bother just add, while most of the times you would like to place some new icons of your favorite app or an awesome game. And widgets also make home screen of your cell phone very much interactive, sometimes that classic weather or clock one and others too…

Among these there is another add-on, which makes your home screen more meaningful and delightful, it is the wallpaper itself. Occasionally, it holds colorful ambiance, dull colors or single toner black. While, other times it holds your status or one-liners. You have another option of having wallpapers with animation, but they are pretty less preferred.

What if, your wallpaper holds current status of your phone hardware? XDA developer’s senior member has recently released an app with beta version, which holds live wallpapers with the name of Battery Wallpaper for your home screen. This live wallpaper app displays current battery levels right at the background.

How does Battery Wallpaper work?

battery wallpaper for android

battery wallpaper app

It allows you to pick up any of the presented seven different battery styles. It not only shows you the battery levels, but also changes different colors with the fluctuation of the levels.  Battery Wallpaper provides you with an immense option of colors to choose from. And you can design your themes of the battery style with different color gradients as per your taste. Beside this, if you want to place your own image, Battery Wallpaper also facilitates you with this option to take advantage of. Plus, it consumes very low battery so you can rely on it. You can control opacity of the wallpapers and even you can put plain wallpapers as well without any crash.

You need to have ROM access in order to install Battery Wallpaper. So, have you already had ROM access or it restrict you from getting Battery Wallpaper? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.