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Are you into photography as much as we do? Do you like to capture things at times special moments and record to save them as your precious memories? There are times when you want to give your memories a bit touch of perfection. Or at times, you don’t want to forget your childhood memories and want to give them different colors. All we do is a little treatment of the photos. And for that, we use number of different apps to give them special effects like grey scale, sepia, sketch mode and the list goes on.

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One such app, which has become quite famous in no time, is Instagram. If you are a part of Instagram, you are one of the 200 million users who love this app. It has always been simple to use and so much fun to share Instagram treated pictures. We can capture and share instantly our photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare with number of effects like a liner mode, radial tilt-shift blur mode and many others.

These top notch pictures can be sent to your friends or even the videos with all cool effects. It is much more fun to have Instagram for android installed. This photo-based network has become popular for last several months. It’s fun to browse even guitars, mobile photos and the things you are into. No doubt, Instagram has already become very popular among android and iOS gadgets holders, yet there is a flaw of not having photo editing toolkit in it, until today.

The app makers have realized it at the right time. They are going to introduce new advance editing tools to the app alongside of the filters. After getting the update, you will be able to adjust manually the brightness, contrast as well as saturation and warmth of the photo, if you would like to. There will be number of options available to give your photos a better touch.

The app will get the update soon. Meanwhile, they are in the process of seeding the new update, you can collect all of your photos to give them a fancy looks! 😉

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Here is the link, if you have not installed instagram for android yet.