Locket lock screen android is a cool tweak for stories and images

locket lock screen android

locket lock screen

Have you been looking for some handy tool to change appearance of your android screen? And for that, customizing lock screen of your android phone is a good option instead of Home screen. Whenever phone’s screen wakes up, dull or boring looks may devoid of the charm of the screen. Instead, do you want to make your android lock screen cool? Here is a tool; they call it Locket Lock Screen. You can beautify the lock screen with locket android app. Let’s find out how.

lock screen android

locket lock screen

Locket lock screen android is a wonderful tool to add tweak to your android lock screen and turns it into a better thing. If turned on, it can bring as much as top 5 stories to your lock screen. Exactly the same time, you wake up lock screen of your android phone. You can interact with them right from your android lock screen. Locket Lock screen android learns about your interests and shows you whatever is your option. It tends to learn your reading habit and hence shows you preferred posts. It is an intelligent app, it learns whatever you read. As it says, the more you use it, the smarter it gets. Do you need story of the day? Just wake your phone and see what does lock screen of your android phone say? Keep yourself updated with fresh and personalized stories. There are available amazing set of images too, the makers of the app has beautified the lock screen with the help of special designers.

Found something interesting? But you are out of time? No worries, find yourself time later and save the story to read later by simply swiping up. Currently, this app supports English language only and doesn’t support any other languages. If you are not native to English language, it will not be a problem for you. Because, more languages are coming soon to it. With upcoming updates, makers of the app will induce more features into it like passcode and other things too soon.

Download Locket Lock Screen android from here.