Set image to Settings panel of your phone, root access required!!


settings app android

Are you the one, who keeps his or her cell phone, updated? And you just don’t miss any of the updates and are you very much into trying new stuff? If you like themes or custom made wallpapers, then you are definitely going to love this post. Instead of grabbing some apk files for themes, do you prefer choosing your own wallpapers to improve your cell phones looks? This post will help you to choose and bring images to a place other than home or lock screen i.e. Settings app. Let’s check this post and find out how to make things look better!

Pre-requisite tools for modification:-

  • APKTool
  • ADB

For this level of customization, all you need is root access and you can take benefit of it. You can use APKTool for this modification. Any variant of it will be of use, a good text editor. For safe side, you need to make a back-up. Copy all of the stuff of Setting.apk folder into some safe place with the help of APKTool. Now you can start the process with replacing files. For example, you can replace PNG files and other variables in XML. With it, modify smali files as well. Rearrange and compile the Setting.apk. Put this folder back from where you have retrieved with the aid of ADB. You can also replace the Settings.apk with the foldder given in the link below.

For further assistance and step-by-step guide, you can visit this link. It will lead you to the thread of the creator of app. You can also check the comments of other users, what they have found out this guide.

So tell us, do you already have root access of your android phone? If not, then will you prefer to be a super user for this app? Does it worth that much?