Download 100 Balls Android, Save your Balls and Get to your Level

You might have tons of addictive games in your mobile phone. Yet there is another addictive one is here to have fun with. Increase your daily game list with the android app, they call it 100 Balls. Have you tried it yet? There have been present loads of clones already on Google Play Store as well as on App Store of Apple of this app. It’s free and got tons of users already, are you one of them? If you are not, let’s take a quick tour of the game play!

Get the possible highest score, it’s your goal with 100 balls. And how you are going to get it? With 100 Balls and five Glasses! For that, all you need to do is collect all of the 100 balls and preserve your only five glasses. And if you miss the chance, you will lose your glass. And this is where the real challenge begins.

100 ballz android

100 balls android

Glasses come and cross the nozzle which contains all 100 Balls in different sections. And whenever a ball enters into the glass, you get the points. However, you lose the balls, you lose the points. And when you lose the balls, you can’t get any more of them. So watch out, all you need to do is save the balls. So, tap the screen accordingly to avoid the balls hitting the ground. Fill your upcoming glass type with single or as many as it can get for its survival or otherwise you will lose the glass, when it will be passed through the balls nozzle empty.

There are certain glass types which are special as in different colors. These glass types award you with extra bonus points whenever a ball comes in it. These glass colors are in green, purple etc. and multiply your score on the basis of number of balls your glass gets.

So, don’t lose the balls and avoid your glass from being empty. Let the glass fill up and move to your next level. Download 100 Balls Android from here and challenge your friends to get to your level.