Download 1Password android for your device and be burden-free

Do you want to secure your data? 1Password android will help you with it. 1Password is a trustworthy app for your android phone, which will take different passwords for different sites you open. The security system of 1Password is so secure that you can make remember the app as much passwords as you want to. It creates logs for you and hence you can get all of the data with just single tap.

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1password android

For your information, makers of the app has been giving away premium version of the app to all of the users for free till August 1 2014, are you ready for it?

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1password android

But why to choose 1Password when many of security apps are out there? One of the big reasons is that, 1Password android generates strong passwords for every site you log in, and whenever you need an access just tap. Consider 1Password your safest safe to have all of your passwords – now you have no need to remember any of them. Do you have multiple gadgets, c’mon who don’t have these days? You can sync all of your passwords between all of your gadgets. 1Password support PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad along with android gadgets.

Credit card number, account number, PIN codes, secure notes, bank details and other relevant stuff, these are hell to manage and memorize at times. If you have such a number of list items to remember, it is not an easier thing to deal with, make them easier to learn. You can protect all of your passwords behind one Master Password with the help of 1Password Android. You can secure your data with military grade 256-bit AES encryption, if you want to. And if you would like to enable auto-lock mode on, it will be protecting your data even if you have lost your android gadget.

Do you like to arrange data on priority basis, 1Password android will help you with it as well. You can mark your favorites to get your data in no time. You can make folders too, if you want to organize your data. You can also check your attachments with the help of 1Password android. If you have so much data to arrange, power tool of search will quickly help you finding whatever you need. There is an option of dropbox too.

Download 1Password android for your phone from here and make your lives easier than before.

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