Download FIFA 2014 Official app android and be the part of Brazil crowd!

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FIFA season is on and everyone has gone crazy about it. Do you have FIFA fever as well? They have launched FIFA 2014 official app already, have you given it a try yet?

The app is ready to update you with full-fledged alerts of your favorite teams. You can also follow whole of the live game from the Global Stadium of Brazil. You can be a part of it by joining and sharing your excitement among your friends and celebrities. If you don’t want to miss a single pass during the whole game you can follow the live blog of FIFA 2014 Brazil. This will also give you the in-stadium view of the match even you can see the texts too, photos and videos in the Live Blog.

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FIFA 2014 official app

Do you want to support your team or even your players? FIFA 2014 official app will help you with that too. You can cast your vote for Man of the Match during all 64 FIFA games.

There is a chance of winning the real kick-off ball of FIFA 2014 matches. You can comment as well as can share your views with the FIFA fans worldwide. If you are interested in playing a range of games, you can play at Club, Dream Team, Fantasy as well as Predictor, Your XI and much more.

Are you interested in moving deeper down and want to dig out more of FIFA 2014 Brazil? FIFA 2014 official app gives you a chance to look detailed view of profiles of players or of the whole team. It not only includes their basic updated information and their current standings during the FIFA 2014 but also the award they are trying for.

Do you want interviews of your favorite teams and the players? You are then lucky one to have this app. Whatever you want to know about FIFA, this app will provide you with the deatails. It actually will give you live feeds, videos, live scores, photos and breaking news of all 197 world leagues worldwide. You can also get updates of future projects of FIFA with this incredible app.

Need a download link? Download FIFA 2014 official app android from here and be the part of Brazil crowd.

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