Download QuickClick app for android to enhance volume buttons fuctionality

How often do you use volume hard buttons of your android phone to adjust your phone’s volume? Most probably, your answer is ‘rarely’. And what if we told, you can use your android phone’s volume keys to initiate number of functions and can enhance their functionality at an entirely next level. The open system of android OS enables the developers to improve the functions of current hardware. And it turns out; users can use their android based gadgets at their full potential. Such an app, with which you can enhance activity of volume button, is QuickClick.

QuickClick for android

QuickClick app

Do you want to know how does QuickClick work? It works very simply, you can activate number of functions like you can take a photo or can record a video with the help of volume button. Or else you can make shortcuts like you can turn on the flashlight of your mobile phone. You can avail the option of recording just by pressing the volume button for the conversation you want to record without any delay; QuickClick will aid you with that. Do you want to write a text? Just press the button instead of unlocking the phone. Or even, you can go for a call, press the button to dial a call. At times, when you are stuck in some app and your phone is not responding properly, you can launch task manager or Tasker with the help of volume button. Do you want to make shortcut of any app? QuickClick will help you with that too. What else you want QuickClick to do for you? There is an option of opening settings panel with the help of volume button.

free QuickClick app

QuickClick app for android

You can open the app and set aforementioned actions. All you need to do is tap and select the action you want to perform. It will further assist you to set up your targeted action. You can configure it and you are good to go with the volume button. Play with it as long as you want and try all of its actions.

You can download QuickClick free from here. So, tell us which of the actions you are going to use for your phone’s volume button? Share in the comment section below.

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