LEDblinker for Android helps to customize your LED notifications


LEDblinker 5.5.6

Today, let’s talk about one of the least used hardware of your Smartphones and make it as productive as you want it to be. You guessed it right, the LED flashlight. So, do you want to get in-depth controls of it to have a way different experience to handle your Android based Smartphones than ever? You can avail this opportunity with the help of LEDblinker.  This app lets you to set any user defined apps with your LED hardware and to have notifications. Not some regular notifications, you can customize them in your own priority basis. You can choose from blink rate and LED colors. This is a good add-on to your Smartphones so that you don’t have to pick up your phones when you don’t have to. Just get who have called or texted you via LED hardware.

LEDblinker is also customized for the android smarphones which are not having LED hardware; instead the screen light will aid. LEDblinker for Android lets you to have notifications from missed calls, SMS, as well as from Facebook and Whatsapp messages. You can choose other apps too; just need to a tap on + button. Moreover, this app features Google Mail, Calendar reminders, Standard e-mail app and loads of more apps. Let your LED now blink with LEDblinker in number of lights.

You can avail the options to get control on blink rates, vibrations, popup and on sound as well. And for that, there is no need to have a ROOT access; it is battery friendly as well so battery savers can install it too. Regardless, if the battery of your Android based Smartphone is running in red or it is fully charged, this app will work fine. However, there are certain bugs, so you need to check it properly. If some of features do not work, you can have a restart option left before uninstalling LEDblinker.

So, tell us did it work for your Andorid based Smartphone and made your LED flashlight useful than it was before. Share your experience in the comment section below.