Are you messed up with your contact list? You need Contacts +

contacts + app for androi

contacts + app

Do you have a big pool of contacts? And these contacts are present in your Android contact library as raw data in some folder? And you feel really terrible even finding your favorite contacts. Well, you need to install Contacts + and say good bye to that terrible feeling forever. What do Contacts + do? It is a cool app, which integrates your contacts at one place. No matter, if you have contacts saved in your Android phone’s phone book or you have contacts on facebook, twitter, linkedin or even in other social network sites; Contacts + will help you with your contacts list. It syncs contacts which are from multiple platforms and it will help you avoid duplicating them.

It helps you sending text messages from the same app. It reminds you of your favorite contacts birthday and even it syncs their photos from facebook and google+. If you don’t want to see all of your contacts, just choose and pick your favorite contact list to see. Isn’t it a cool platform to have and share with your friends?

It supports swipe gestures and takes you to messages list, integrated dialer and even to the call log you have made recently. Do you have different contact circles? Make different groups with the help of Contacts+ and save your favorite contacts aside. A faster T9 compatibility, and gestures to search by your contacts name, company, number or by email address. It makes things quick a handy for you.

You can view your contacts in A to Z order or else in frequency order i.e. with the frequency you hit them. Moreover, it has both options to choose from list and grid view with contacts photos.

This app supports a quick call function, just press and hold a contact. Contacts + has a widget for your home screen. Take this app from here.

So tell us what do you think of this app? Are you messed up with your contacts? Take Contacts + and organize them all.