Yo android app, a new way to say ‘hello’

Yo app


Yo… yo… yo… yo! Do you think this is slang? Nah, this is an app’s name. Exactly, the app is known as Yo! And this is how it can be used, say ‘Yo’to your friends. What’s up yo!

What's up yo

Yo Friends

It is a zero word app, just tap your friend’s username and say Yo to them. ‘It’s that simple.’ No need to type a text, give your friends a nudge, poke them or what the heck-ever meaning you want to draw from it, just go with that. Do you want your friend to come out of his home, while you are at his door, just say ‘Yo’. Or do you want to say hello to your friends, tap and say ‘Yo’. It all depends on you and your chemistry among your friends. Everyone will have his own meaning when they are using this app Yo. Yo can be anything to anyone. While you are up, do you want to say ‘Good Morning’ to someone, just Yo. Your different friend type will determine the meaning of the yo. For example, while after winning a multiplayer game match, ‘yo’ would represent your hurrah! And at some other times, it will have some different meanings, you choose your context. Some of your friends didn’t show up on some event, are you missing them? Just yo to them.

Here is what recent update says about yo app. Have you found some interesting link over the internet, do you want to share with your friends. Now with new update on yo android and iOS app, you can send links to your friends. Do you want to know how? Copy the link, move into the app, tap and hold your friend’s username and the yo app will send them the link. If someone has just added you on yo app, you can check their profile by swiping right. And if you want to delete or block the user, just swipe left. You can also edit your profile and can put on a picture for your profile.

You can share yo to your friends who are not on this app with facebook, twitter, via simple SMS or by email. They don’t maintain any records of your information like emails or phone numbers or anything just yo. Download your yo app from here.