Chrome Icon in Note 3

Cannot Find Chrome Icon in Samsung Note 3:

Its my 3rd day now using Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I am a very experienced Android and Samsung Galaxy user. My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I am not a fan of actual android browser and use Chrome browser most of the time. Since Note 3, although I had Chrome installed as I saw it while updating, I was not able to find Chrome Icon.

Because I was busy I initially started going to Google Play, then search for Chrome, and then go to Chrome page, then it will say its already installed so I will open it from there and use it. This was a painful process. You know a lengthy process. I started missing my Note 2 once again. Chrome Icon was missing. Then I thought lets delete the Chrome app itself and install it again from Google Play, surely it will create the Chrome icon again. So I went to application manager to uninstall Chrome to get my Chrome Icon back but there was no option available to uninstall. Turns out its a default component so you can only uninstall updates or disable it. I was like, God, What to do now? The missing Chrome Icon was a real turn off. I even started thinking of finding another mobile browser but then I thought what would happen to my saved favorite URLs as I use this feature a lot for either the URLs I like or the ones I need all the time.

How to get back Chrome Icon in Android

Chrome Icon missing in Note 3

How to find Chrome Icon in Galaxy Note 3:

1) Click the Apps Icon. (The one that is 12 small square boxes icon).

2) Find Google folder.

3) Open it, you will see Chrome Icon.

4) Press and hold the Chrome Icon.

5) It will then give you the option to move that icon to any place you like.

6) Move it to the place you want. :)

7) That’s it. Job Done!!!


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