Samsung announced price for Galaxy S5, Clove is the Retailer

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has finally announced price for its Galaxy S5. However, major chunk of Android users were disappointed after the launch of Galaxy S5 as they were expecting much bigger from Samsung this MWC 2014. Somehow, induction of features like fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor have added value to it. Water and dust resistant feature is also a big add-on But still, among others lack of 64-bit has been one of the things which have deprived the charm of GS5 launch.

Anyhow, if you are UK based and you are into the new Samsung Galaxy S5, we have good news for you guys; you can now pre-order the new flagship. They have chosen UK based retailer, Clove, to showcase Galaxy S5. You can get it for £458.33 (£599.99 after taxes), which makes $1000. And in this price, you can get 16 GBs version, but there is no evidence found over the internet of 32 GBs version’s price. In addition to this, Amazon Spain has also listed Galaxy S5 for €730, equals to £600.


On the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 back in 2013, Samsung fans were much happier at that moment of time. And GS4 came up with the price range of $650 to $700 worldwide. So, the successor – GS5 – would definitely be more expensive than its predecessor, GS4. Wither to upgrade your GS4 or not, you can take time until the launch GS5, which is 11th of April 2014. However, if you have missed it already, we have recently covered a post of top 20 features for you on the basis of which you can differentiate the features of Galaxy S5 from Galaxy S4.

So, tell us are you going pay the price to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 to have additive features like fingerprint scanner and water resistant capacity? We are curious to hear from you.