Samsung has opened fingerprint scanner for developers’ access


New Smartphone from Samsung, GS5, has a specialized home button key, which is integrated with a fingerprint scanner. It is now everywhere over the internet. And this is the very first time, when Samsung has come up with this next level technology and changed the Android world. With the launch of this fingerprint scanner from Samsung Galaxy S5, it is finally open for developer’s access like Apple’s iPhone 5S. Now, you can expect even more from Galaxy S5. As in case of Apple’s iPhone 5S, there are available number of jailbreak tweaks, which are based on fingerprint scanner. Earlier today, Samsung has announced it in the developer-focused event.

There is still an ambiguity about how Samsung is going to operate fingerprint information for add-on services for the end user. Like Apple has allowed its end user to purchase apps from its Appstore via fingerprint scanner. Fingerprinting is quite a sensitive thing, because Apple itself handles all the levels of a transaction, so trust is there. However, one of our resources states that Samsung has announced partnership with a third party i.e. Paypal for payment verification for purchases with the use of fingerprint scanner.

Techcrunch states:-

Samsung’s documentation for the new Pass API (which uses the fingerprint sensor) says that developers can do all of the following, which makes it sound like the intended purpose is indeed for proof of identity:

  • Request fingerprint recognition

  • Cancel fingerprint recognition requests

  • Verify whether the fingerprint of the current user matches the fingerprint registered on the device

  • Register fingerprints through the Enroll screen

So, what do you expect from this approach of Samsung? The secure system which Apple has provided for the use of fingerprint scanner to its end user, do you think Samsung is going to make it too? Let’s cross our fingers and see…

Meanwhile, tell us what do you expect from developers’ side? Share your answers in the comment section below.


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