Unsupported Audio Codec Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Unsupported Audio Codec error in Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I use my Samsung galaxy note 3 to stream video files from my computer using local area network on WiFi. I was using the same setup with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so I know that the setup is perfectly fine. When I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I started getting Unsupported Audio Codec error while trying to play a lot of video files. Because I still had my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mobile phone, I tried the same files and they were working perfectly fine so I thought may be I need another video player. I tried a few but none of them was able to play the sound, although video was running fine.

I looked up the error Unsupported Audio Codec on Google and found a lot of people stuck in the same issue with no possible solution. While reading about Unsupported Audio Codec on Google, I figured that it was related to AC3 codec. Due to some legal issues Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not supporting this codec by default and almost all posts on the internet suggested converting the video files before playing them on the phone but that’s not acceptable for me.

Solution for Unsupported Audio Codec for Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

It took me 2 days to find a solution. First I tried a few players including VLC media player which played the file with audio but then you cannot use touch forward and back so if you stopped the video for any matter, you must watch it from the start again. This is literally not acceptable. Then I downloaded MX player. Its free to download from Google Play and the link to download is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad&hl=en_GB

AC3 player for Android MX Player

AC3 Codec Problem fix for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

MX player by default will not play those files as well so you have to make some changes in the settings or you will face the same problem of no audio.

First download the MX Player from Google Play off course. Then go to settings, then Decoder, then select the check box “Use H/W+ decoder and H/W+ decoder (network).

Exit settings.

Play the video file now and it should play fine now.

Now you can enjoy your movie with the audio :)

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