Android L will come with Multiuser mode for Android Smartphones

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Google has announced good news for Android smartphone holders. The multi-profile feature was missing on the Android smartphone and it will be made available soon. And this feature will most probably be available with the launch of Android L.

The multiuser feature has been present since Android 4.2 and higher but only android tablet holders are able to take advantage of it. However the functionality of this multiuser mode for android tablets is not much reliable when it comes about Android 4.2 but they have put in quite an effort and have improved it on Android 4.3. No doubt, it is very useful feature to have. If you live with your family members, then you definitely will be in need of multiuser mode for Android smartphones. For example, this feature allows you to make a profile with restricted access for kids. And when in office, you can allow make a profile for your colleagues with the stuff you want to share with them. Like windows, when there is one computer available, everyone has to make its own user profile in order to have a login in access for use and to personalize their own things. And this feature will soon be available on the android phones as well. Although the usage of smartphones and tablets varies much, and cell phones are considered more private devices to use yet an increased demand has made Google to work on this feature for its launch in the near future. Here is what Google has pronounced it for you as:

The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build.

Among other cool features of Android L, that multiuser profile would be a great add-on along with ART, heads up, Project Volta etc. So, Android L will come with multiuser mode for Android smartphones along with other useful features for both android phones and tablets but no sooner than this summer.

What else do you expect from Android L?

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android multiuser profile

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