Beware of Dendroid, there is a risk of privacy breach!


android malware

Dendroid provides hackers with an additive access to one’s Android Smartphone. Just like RAT malware or Remote Access Toolkits, which help hackers to have an enhanced access to certain systems.

Dendroid is an http based android remote administration toolkit. It can enable a hacker to manipulate, locate or even to spy on an Android based gadget. It has a firmware interface. Dendroid is an Android based application with unique and very classy php panel, which is used as a control server. This control server enables the user or more precisely the hacker to send commands and to receive the information from the infected Android based Smartphone.

Once an Android based gadget is infected by Dendroid. This will open a new world for the hacker to explore and can spy with number of options. It will enable a hacker to do things like taking photos, enabling audio recording or even video recording. Due to new updates on Dendroid, it can evade privacy of your Android based Smartphones without detection. And the access can allow the hacker to block in coming SMS messages or give a control of sending them. Moreover, there is an option to record number of calls. It also allows the hacker to check your bookmarks and browsing history.

As Dendroid is new, so there is only an example out there of an infected Android based device. What can Android users do to save their privacies and to avoid a hacker to get this access? There is an option of taking a safety measure by un-checking the “Unknown Sources” option from settings of your Android based Smartphone. You can also download mobile security apps, yet it is useful this far.

The seller of this malware is making a hope to sell this new version for as high as $300 USD.

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