Get your funds back within 2 hours with Google Play Store Refund

Have you ever wished for getting your funds back after making poor choices? This is not possible in real world but Google Play Store gives you a chance where you can get your funds back without making any delay.

You are getting it right. It means if you have unfortunately purchased a wrong app in the Google Play Store lately, you can get your 100% funds back. If we say, there is an opening of only 15 minutes window, which will give you a chance in which you can reconsider your decision. This is applicable for both apps and games, if you have already downloaded purchased and played the app in your android gadget, you can still have your money back. The refund button will uninstall the app from your phone and will reimburse you whole of the sum.

Well, you will be surprised to know that the 15 minutes delay has been modified up to 2 hours. That mean you will be able to see the refund button for as long as 2 hours. Google has made it available without any notifications or without any official email. But it really works, you can try it, Google has made it available worldwide.

Android Police claims that they have tried it in person and the results are very obvious with the app named The Game of Life, take a look:-


2 hours Google Play Store refund

2 hours @ Play Store

They have purchased the app for $0.50 at 9:50am PST on July 31st, 2014 from the Google Play Store. And 16 minutes later, the refund button was still there to pay you back until the time 11:48am. This is the time when only 2 minutes were left before the completion of total 2 hours, and the refund button was gone by the time 11:51am. So, if you want to get your funds back, come back within two hours and Google will take back your purchased apps to uninstall and give you back for whatever you have spent.

There are chances that users can take advantage of this policy. So, what do you think of this great deal of Google Play Store refund?