Google to upgrade its google chrome for android with new features

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Google chrome has been used worldwide; no matter it is laptop or your shiny mobile. Millions of users run it each day. Are you among one of the mobile users of Google chrome? If you are not, you might like to be the one after knowing about the updates occurred to it.

Google chrome has been seeded a few weeks back with the thirty-fifth version. The users will now be able to experience some cool add-ons to it. Google has done some upgrades to the previous version of Google Chrome for android and modified it, so that it can be operated in smoother way. For that, they have made number of changes like navigation enhancements, improved video support and following mentioned changes are on the top.

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google chrome android

What else you can expect from the recent update of Google Chrome for android? Now, it supports your browser’s tab functions. For example, if you have closed the working tab accidently, you can undo it. And this time, you can run number of windows without any issue as it supports the long awaited function of multitask windows finally. Do you watch movies and your favorite TV shows online? A big hit has just occurred to the newer version of Google chrome, now you can see full screen videos on it even with subtitles and there is a support of html5 as well. Moreover, now with the help of Google chrome, there is a support of casting videos with Chromecast. Google has come up with these numbers of features this time and they definitely have fixed both regular and occasional bugs too.

The latest update of Google Chrome is going to roll out and will be in the Google Play store soon. What do you think of this upgrade? Are you going to equip your gadgets with this one or are you contented with the older versions of Google Chrome? Share in the comment section below.