Have you got Android 4.4.4 on your devices?

The users of android devices have not yet properly got the taste of KitKat 4.4.3 and now there is another update to Android OS. However, Google has made a bit of changes in its Android OS and has released Android 4.4.4 update. This update majorly focuses on the security and a bit of bugs fixation.

The update for Android 4.4.4 is available over the air and you can update your phone with KitKat, which comes with a very little size of 2.5MB only. They have made available the new OS update with build number KTU84P. If you want to take a look on available factory images as well as the binaries you can go for Google Developer page. The users who have faced the bugs with OpenSSL recently, still need to wait as that update is still in the queue. However, if you are running Franco Kernel, you can go with Android 4.4.4 update and CyanogenMod builds.

android 4.4.4 update

nexus android 4.4.4

The new android update has been made available to some of the devices like Nexus 5. Some of the device holders have claimed that they have got the update patch and now they are running Android 4.4.4 earlier today. Google has released this new update to its own brand only. Does it mean Google is still testing and seeding its update to only very small market segment to get customers feedback? Or is it just a Google’s strategy to make available the update only to its own mobile brand series first and then to others? Well, according to one of our sources, the update Android 4.4.4 would be available on other Nexus devices as well like Nexus 10, Nexus 4 as well to Nexus 7 the tablet. And yet Google has not made it available to general public.

Did you get the chance to update your phone to Android 4.4.4? If you are lucky enough share with us if you found out any other new features in the update Android 4.4.4.