htc one m8 europe release – new update

It has not been a while ago since the HTC One M8 came out. And right from its launch, HTC One M8 has been getting updates, it would be the second one.

htc one m8 europe

all new htc one m8

And this time finally, the European HTC One M8 version has received its long awaited software update, which will make it more stable than it was ever before. Before this, it has received an update with Extreme Power Saving mode. As per connection to the Wi-Fi network, the HTC One M8 European version is going to get a 66 MB update to its firmware 1.54.401.10. This would be the most updated and stable version by this far and it will be at its best – maximum bug free version. This version is intended to make the experience of HTC One M8 users better and more stable rather than giving some new features to them. But this update will be available in some of the parts of Europe at the current time.

Do you want to see the official updates from Europe HTC One M8 variant? Here you go:-

  • System improvements
    • Radio stability improvement
  • Application improvements
    • Camera stability
    • Video highlight stability
    • FM Radio stability
    • Weather app barometer update

By this far, one of our sources has claimed that they were able to dig this much out. In a day or a few, the version under the head 1.54.401.10 will be out to catch many of the HTC One M8 phones for its Europe variant.

Do you want to make your phone more stable than it was ever before? If you are in or around Europe, you can check from your settings menu for update notifications. Don’t lose the chance to get this update. Find out how yours HTC One M8 Europe will be performing after getting the update, experience! Share it in the comment section below.