Leaked Samsung Galaxy S5 apps can run on Galaxy S4 and Note 3

leaked Samsung s5 apps

Galaxy S5 apps

Samsung Galaxy S5 would be out soon and we have covered a number of posts before and during MWC 2014. You can browse through the website. Before, Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to face whole world, another leak has just hit us. Before its launch, some of the apps have already been leaked over the internet and now it has been reached to number of blogs. And this time, some guy from XDA has put them on XDA developers forum. The leaked Samsung Galaxy S5 apps include S Note, WatchON, Gear Manager, Geat Fit Manager Calculator, S translator and S health this far.

All of these leaked apps have better UI and graphics, and they should run on the currently available Samsung devices with KitKat Android version 4.4.2 like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. Like Normal APK files, these apps can be installed on currently available devices. To get the APK files, if you already have the compatible devices, click on the link to get to the XDA developers forum.

Number of users has tried these apps by now. The common feedback about the S health is that it is not working yet on their devices. This is due to hardware incompatibility. While, rest of the apps like S Note, WatchON, Gear Manager, Gear Fit Manager, Calculator and S Translator are working fine. You can see comments of the users from the mentioned link.

Here are different comments of users as:-

Originally Posted by sohebqWatchon fully working? 

Sent from Note 3 (The beauty & beast)

Yes Watch ON full working, the app is a bit lagging but it’s completely working

Ok, succeeded
The error was given on incomplete downloaded file, now it’s working

You can check some other comments too:-

I have downloaded the new S Health, but it doesn’t work.
Any solution.

So, are you going to test these apps? Share your experience in the comment section below.