The Room 3 Android release date has been announced, are you excited?

If you are a gamer and into puzzle genre, then you might be familiar with The Room series. They have launched previously The Room 2 after making The Room a big hit. And now one of the most awaited 3d puzzle game The Room 3 have been announced and also they have given the release time of  spring 2015. Are you excited?

the room 3 release date

the room 3

Initially, it will be released on both platforms Android and iOS according to the tweet of Fireproof Games’ Barry Meade. The Room 3 Android was announced to release on September 3rd, some of the sources claimed that the release of its picture was an evidence of its release and its time frame. No further information was shared that time. Although the mention of EGX did indicate that we might see demo of the game play of the upcoming 3d puzzle game, The Room 3, at Euro gamer Expo in London.

Room 3 is actually the sequel of multiple award winning 3d puzzle game The Room 1 which was launched about 2 years ago and The Room 2 the one we saw, played and enjoyed earlier this year, in which you follow entrails of mysterious letters and puzzle boxes. You manipulate the jigsaw puzzles along with various other objects by dragging your fingers on your smart phone’s screen to reveal hidden clues. There are present new puzzles too with further portals that lead you to different dimension. As you progress further into the story, the puzzles become more mysterious and the environment becomes gloomier.

All we can hope for now is that we see demo of this game The Room 3 Android at EGX. And according to Fireproof’s blog, this entry to The Room series promises to evolve the story even further and will take the puzzle solving to a more gloomy, eerie and a mysterious place.

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