How to improve the lag in browsing of Google Chrome, take a look!

Google Chrome has no need to introduce itself. It is one of the most hit browsers over the internet on different OS i.e. Windows, Android and iOS. It is widely used app for browsing since its launch. However, there is an issue with Android device holders; they face a problem of delayed scrolling whenever it’s used. This lag is pretty much annoying at times. Do you have the same issue with the recent updates? Don’t feel annoyed, we have come up with an easy solution for you.

google chrome for android

google chrome

How to make your Google Chrome work again as faster as it has been before? Here is a simple guide of 5 steps to follow:-

  1. Open your browser and type into the URL section of your Android phone: chrome://flags
  2. You need to find here: Maximum Tiles for Interest Area
  3. Look for dropdown, change it from default to 512
  4. Close the app, and restart your cell phone
  5. Now, launch Chrome again and you are done

By following these steps, you will find your Chrome be working at its best again. But for the devices, which are having low RAM capacity, it may freeze. To normalize this freezing thing, you need to go back to the step 3 and you need to adjust a smaller value from dropdown. Did not it work for you? Here you go with an example, you need to change from 512 to 256, and match your results accordingly.

This solution has been tested on Nexus 7 and it worked pretty fine. You should try it as well. The lag was over almost and it was replaced by smooth flow while browsing and scrolling pages on Chrome.

So, tell us did it work for you? Which android gadget are you using? And how much improvement have you seen on your android device, share in the comment section below.