Learn how to save Google Maps offline on your android gadget

Google Maps is one of the best products that Google has ever introduced. And almost we all use it while we are moving in some new area for directions. Or to check the location where exactly on earth are we! We do rely on this cool product of Google. It needs an internet support to load maps and locate our location. And for that, we rely on our cellular internet or on the Wi-Fi usually. But at times, when both of the sources will not be there to take advantage of, then what? There is a way to how to save Google Maps offline, let’s learn how!

Google Maps offline

Google Maps

how to save Google Maps offline

Location – Google Maps

Do you want to save Google Maps Offline? To save a map offline, firstly you need to open that location on the Google Map online. For that, search and navigate to the desired location. All you need to do is type or say “OK Maps”. Tap the search and then to ‘save map to use offline’. You just have saved the location on Google maps offline.

Now what you can do with that? You have not saved a screen shot of the map. Instead of it, you have a map to zoom in and explore. You can even see the street names and can scroll through streets in order to make your way much easier.

o you want to use the Google Offline Maps even when you are connected to the internet? Just tap on the person icon next to the search bar and you will be in the profile page of yours. And this will enable the use of Google Maps offline even when you are connected to the internet.

Google Maps offline

Person Icon – Google Maps offline

But remember, you can’t save Google Maps offline like forever. There is a restriction by default. The app will remove its offline maps after every 30 days. So you have to save your desired map location for its offline use. You can also overcome this restriction. But this involves the use of third party app known as Sygic. We have covered a post for it; you can get it from here.

So, tell us does Google Maps offline work for you?

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