How to print a document using android phone with Google Cloud Print

Do you encounter with huge number of email messages daily? Some of which are just as good as junk while others are important to you? And for that, sometimes, do you need to print out number of such important emails for your record or to use them with some documents? If you have an android phone, you have no need to open your laptop or PC’s just to print your email or document. You can do the entire printing thing with your android phone as well. It comes handy.

It is very easy to get a print using your android phone. You can use your Wi-Fi connection and Google Cloud Print service for that. There is no need to depend on your PCs or laptops. Just tap print from your android phone and you get one. Do you want to know how? Let’s dig out, how to print a document using android phone.

android printer

add printer

If you are running Android 4.4 KitKat, then your android phone already has Google Cloud Print functionality installed. You can check it from Settings and Printing options. However, if you don’t have phone with Android 4.4 KitKat, you need to install free Cloud Print app to add printer to your phone. Open the app and select ‘add printer’ from the options. Now, you will be taken to the Google Cloud Print page, sign in to your Google Account first. You have to follow some simple steps in order to get your printer ready. Either you have Cloud Ready model of printer or you are using an offline model, in both cases, follow the specific steps of your printer to make it enabled with your Google Account. Now, jump to the file that is located in your phone’s memory or present over the internet. Move to the options from where you view details like rename or delete a file, there you will see a new option of print as well.

android printer

Add Printer to your android phone

The Google Cloud Print is compatible with almost every printer and usually works quite fine with tons of other apps. Without the fear of privacy breach, you can take as much as print outs you want to. You can check out all the supported printers with Google Cloud Print from here. Currently, you can use these file formats to print your document out i.e. docx, xls txt, pdf, jpg, jpeg, ods,, xlsx, ppt, odp, xps and doc. You can use USB cable as well if you don’t have Wi-Fi enabled printer.