How to remove Whatsapp photos from stock gallery app?

We all know Whatsapp has a serious issue when it comes about pictures. Whenever you receive a photo it automatically saves it to the photo gallery of your phone. And this is one of the most annoying things which you have to face and sometimes the consequences. Let’s admit it that we all have some photos that we don’t want to share with people and just want to keep them to ourselves. At the same time, we have bunch of friends too who when pick your mobile up try to access each and every corner of it even when you give them to see a single photo.

We are here to give you solution of such a problem. You can avoid saving of pictures of Whatsapp directly into the gallery stock app or you can even hide them. All you need to do is follow the following steps:-

Pick up any file manager app from google play store and install it to your android system. For example, you can go for Astro, Total Commander or ES File Explorer. Pick up any of the file explorer app which suits you. You don’t even need to root your phone for that.

If you already have some photos in your Whatsapp folder let’s take a quick demo as:-

WhatsApp gallery photos

WhatsApp photos

  1. Firstly install and launch file manager app. You can pick up the file explorer app any of your choice.
  2. Now move into the WhatsApp folder and jump into Media folder for next step. You can find these folders in SD card.
  3. What you need to do here is create a new file here. In case of ES File explorer, you can tap + icon and can add a new file as shown below:-
  4. Rename this file as “.nomedia” and tap OK. And you will be able to see it in your explorer app.
  5. Now close the file explorer and launch gallery app of your phone. Here you will not be able to see your Whatsapp photos. That means you have done it right.
  6. You can get your WhatsApp photos back again in the gallery app. But for that, you have to delete the file “.nomedia” from the place you have created for the first time.
  7. For that jump into the folder and show up hidden files, there you will see the “.nomedia”. Delete it and get all your photos back visible in the gallery app.
WhatsApp android photos

WhatsApp photos

WhatsApp android photos

WhatsApp photos

Hope this will be of some use, in case of any ambiguity you can ask and can share your experience in the comment section below.