Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series: Learn Tips and Tricks

galaxy tab 3 tips and tricks

galaxy tab 3 tips

When it comes about Samsung Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series strikes to mind immediately. The display size and features of this series make it very popular gadget among families for watching movies, web surfing, reading books or newspapers, playing games and loads of other stuff. Let’s take a quick tour on tips for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and learn something new.

How to get S Voice Assistance quickly

S Voice assistance is one of the common features among all three Galaxy Tab 3 models. It features to control and get number of things done by just asking. This is not new, but what is new to learn here is you can get S Voice simply by pressing home button twice.

Get a quick access on Internet Search

You can get quick access of internet search from anywhere. You just need to press the menu soft key long enough to launch internet search. It will take you into the stock browser of Samsung, you can set your default browser as well.

Multi-window allows you to run different apps at the same time

The big display of Galaxy Tab 3 allows you to open multiple apps, run them and do whatever you have to without a lag.  You can open different apps at the same time with the help of multi-window feature of this tablet. Set it enabled first from Quick Settings of your notification bar. Once enabled, slide the apps you want on your big screen.

Big Display and customized Home Screen

You can add or delete home screen pages and can customize the added pages with the help of icons and widgets. The big screen is available for you to place and resize each of the available widgets to make your pages look cool.

Make notes while watching some business presentation

No one wants to get disturbed when watching a favorite movie or an episode of TV show. However, at times we need to watch a business presentation. With it, you need to make notes meanwhile or even you can check the e-mails or calendar. Just press the button of the right corner, adjust the video size with the help of pinch option. And you are good to go.

Tell us which tips and tricks you know about your Galaxy Tab 3.