Android 5.0 Lollipop releasing with a clever flappy bird Easter egg.

Android Lollipop

The Competition of smartphones is growing ever stronger these days and due to this factor we are seeing some new smartphone operating systems as well.  With Apple releasing their new Ios 8, Android isn’t sitting this one out. Android 5.0 Lollipop will be released any day now in all compatible smartphones and there is a lot of hype about it. ... Read More »

The Room 3 Android release date has been announced, are you excited?

the room 3 release date

If you are a gamer and into puzzle genre, then you might be familiar with The Room series. They have launched previously The Room 2 after making The Room a big hit. And now one of the most awaited 3d puzzle game The Room 3 have been announced and also they have given the release time of  spring 2015. Are ... Read More »

Android L will come with Multiuser mode for Android Smartphones

android multiuser restricted profile phone

Google has announced good news for Android smartphone holders. The multi-profile feature was missing on the Android smartphone and it will be made available soon. And this feature will most probably be available with the launch of Android L. The multiuser feature has been present since Android 4.2 and higher but only android tablet holders are able to take advantage ... Read More »

Get your funds back within 2 hours with Google Play Store Refund

Google Play Store

Have you ever wished for getting your funds back after making poor choices? This is not possible in real world but Google Play Store gives you a chance where you can get your funds back without making any delay. You are getting it right. It means if you have unfortunately purchased a wrong app in the Google Play Store lately, ... Read More »

Bioshock mobile version is going to hit iOS gadgets this summer =(

bioshock apk

The award-winning Bioshock is going to land on mobile platform, are you excited? It is one of the most addictive first person shooting games, which will soon be available on iOS gadgets. However, this is still to confirm when the android gadget holders will get the chance to get the experience of Bioshock on their devices. The trio of the ... Read More »

Google Maps update version 8.2.0 brings elevation and voice commands

Google Maps version 8.2.0 brings elevation and voice commands

Are you much dependent on Google Maps? We have recently covered a post for you on “how to save Google Maps offline”. But now we have great news to share with you. The next version of Android 5.0 OS, Android L, will have much of the cool upgrades to its Google Maps app. Let’s see, what changes will be there ... Read More »

Facebook’s Data Use Policy: Facebook experiments on 600,000 users

Facebook’s Data Use Policy

Behavior breads behavior – this is not just a phrase, it definitely has an impact on the individuals of our society. Some of us get more affected and others have very little effect but still the effect is there. You cannot deny about the influence of the behavior over others. If someone does something positive in turn positive energy is ... Read More »

Google I/O: Control your Car via voice with Auto Android

Android Auto

Do you want to improve your driving experience? Google wants this too. And for that, Google has announced Android Auto for your car system. Do you want to know what it is and how it will improve your driving experience? Let’s dig out what Google has shown in Google I/O this year! This system can be operated in Android Car. ... Read More »

Google I/O: Android 5.0 Lollipop features

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Sundar Pichai – head of android with the head of design – Mathias Duarte have finally announced about Google’s latest firmware, which is an L release or more commonly known as Android 5.0 Lollipop. Do you want to know Android 5.0 Lollipop features? Let’s find out:- Google has introduced new OS Android with Material Design. It is a design language, ... Read More »

CyanogenMod 11 features: heads up, protected apps and others too

CyanogenMod 11 heads up

The makers of the CyanogenMod have been updating their system continuously with new features since its first launch. They have improved Notifications and the settings option is now better as well and the protected apps feature is now ready to be availed in this build. CyanogenMod 11 has come up in its latest builds to provide your android system with better ... Read More »