Now use WhatsApp on your tablet


WhatsApp have become one of the most used app on the smartphones and also a great part of our social life. But what happens if you own a Wi-Fi tablet? You either don’t know of WhatsApp or you are itching to find a way to use WhatsApp on your tablet. For this purpose you resort to rooting you device or ... Read More »

How to recover photos from android phone?

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

Have you lost your beloved memories? Or I should say your photos? One of the reasons might be, your phone’s memory card got corrupted or your android phone had to deal with a virus. Whatever the reason was, be worry free, you can recover your photos back on your android phone. Do you want to know how? There is an ... Read More »

How to print a document using android phone with Google Cloud Print

wifi printing

Do you encounter with huge number of email messages daily? Some of which are just as good as junk while others are important to you? And for that, sometimes, do you need to print out number of such important emails for your record or to use them with some documents? If you have an android phone, you have no need ... Read More »

Learn how to save Google Maps offline on your android gadget

how to save Google Maps offline

Google Maps is one of the best products that Google has ever introduced. And almost we all use it while we are moving in some new area for directions. Or to check the location where exactly on earth are we! We do rely on this cool product of Google. It needs an internet support to load maps and locate our ... Read More »

How to remove Whatsapp photos from stock gallery app?

whatsapp android photos

We all know Whatsapp has a serious issue when it comes about pictures. Whenever you receive a photo it automatically saves it to the photo gallery of your phone. And this is one of the most annoying things which you have to face and sometimes the consequences. Let’s admit it that we all have some photos that we don’t want ... Read More »

Google account authentication error, Play Store error

google play store error

Do you have an android? You share a common problem among other android users i.e. Google account authentication error. It usually happens when you jump into Google Play Store via your device and it beeps the error. It turns out you are pretty much dependent on Google to purchase or to download a free app. All you need to have ... Read More »

How to use 2 numbers with WhatsApp

WhatsApp two number

Do you have a mobile phone which supports dual SIM card mode? Then, you are lucky enough to use them both with WhatsApp app with the same phone. Usually, WhatsApp registers only one number for each mobile phone with a SIM card to activate it. Once installed, your SIM number got registered and the app syncs data with your phone ... Read More »

Unlock Android Lock Screen

android lock pattern solution

Did any of your children took your mobile and tried the wrong pattern over and over? And now you are stuck with a bad message from Google, you can’t access your phone! All your belongings are right there in front of you, but all you can do is nothing. Don’t feel bad for that. This usually happens to those as ... Read More »

Set your Google Voice as your Primary Voicemail

google voice

Do you use voicemail services on your smartphone? If you have an Android smartphone, you can set up your Google Voice as your primary voicemail. Do you want to know how to get this service with Google Voice? It is quite a simple task to do. This method has been tried with AT&T phone, and it took as long as ... Read More »

How to get Facebook version 9.0 for your Android phone?

facebook app android v9

Have you already installed facebook messenger app in your android phone? Can you check its version from ‘about’? It will say it’s not having facebook v9 installed, so need to have one. Follow the following steps to get the latest 9.0 version of your app. If you do have installed facebook app, then make sure your app is not enlisted ... Read More »