Now use WhatsApp on your tablet


WhatsApp have become one of the most used app on the smartphones and also a great part of our social life. But what happens if you own a Wi-Fi tablet? You either don’t know of WhatsApp or you are itching to find a way to use WhatsApp on your tablet. For this purpose you resort to rooting you device or ... Read More »

A video game played in real world Anki Drive is available for Android OS

Anki Drive apk

Finally! After a long and sleepless wait now you can divert your longing eyes from your friend’s iPhone to your own android phone because Anki Drive have launched for Android OS. Have you ever wished that virtual car racing games and real toys collide in one place? Then Anki Drive is just for you. Anki Drive is part toy, part ... Read More »

Download WhatsDog a spying app for WhatsApp

WhatsApp spy

Remember the good old days when the stalking was done by following a person or tapping their phone through wire? Then technology advanced and using high tech computers and advanced hacking skills you were able to monitor a person’s routine? But now even if you can’t follow your person everywhere or you don’t have mad hacking skills, no matter because ... Read More »

Skype Qik instant video messages


Imagine yourself in a party or on a trip and you find yourself in a moment which you just have to share with your friends or loved ones. These feelings can’t be explained in written words or recorded voices then no problem bring your smart phone up download Skype’s latest app ‘Skype Qik’ and record the video and share it ... Read More »

Vine update 2.5 brings you new video editing features

Vine 2.5

If you are one of the 6-sec-video-addicts, then you should know about new Vine 2.5 update. Or are you too nerd to update your app. Vine app is a form of a video sharing, which lets you film short instances with the help of your android phones. You can press and hold your smartphone’s screen and create a video of ... Read More »

Explore Solar System, Milky Way or whole Galaxy with Solar Walk android

free Solar Walk apk

Who have not attended that science class which demanded to draw a sketch of moon, sun and earth? I still remember the making of 3D models of Solar system for my class. Can’t forget making of the solar system with the help of balls of different sizes and among all, the largest ball to represent the presence of Sun and ... Read More »

Download Cool Drawer App Swap Android, it supports gestures

free App Swap Android

By now, you must have tried trillions of apps to add a quick launcher on your Android phone and tablets. If any one of them would have worked for you, you might not be reading this post. So, do you need some cool app launcher? App Swap is the thing you need to install on your android phone. Do you ... Read More »

Download TextGrabber + Translator android to extract texts from printed papers

free TextGrabber + Translator android

Do you have to build a hard as well as a soft record of your documents? Who don’t have to when you have a reasonable job but your boss is not that reasonable with you. And sometimes for that you have to type out a whole long sheets into a word document? It is quite irritating, when you only have ... Read More »

If you love music, you will definitely love musiXmatch Music Player Lyrics

musiXmatch Music Player Lyrics apk

Do you need a very handy music app for your android mobile or tablet? You should pick up musiXmatch right now. Do you want to know why? There are tons to reasons to justify it. It is very smooth and fantastic mobile player which will play your songs along with lyrics. It actually syncs your song verses and displays on ... Read More »

Download Feedly android and develop your reading habit

download free reading app android

Do you want to see all of your favorite sites at one place instead of opening every single page? There are tons of apps, all of which offer this same feature. But how smoothly those apps run, who knows? But I can assure you that Feedly for android is a must have app, if you are looking for apps of ... Read More »