Here is the Samsung galaxy alpha an example of sophistication.

Samsung galaxy alpha

Samsung has been increasing its premium smart phone sizes since galaxy S series started, but this time it made an about-turn and created a little smaller knight in a metal armor to fight competitors iPhone and alike. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first Galaxy smart phone with a high quality metal frame and it looks awesome. The luxury and the ... Read More »

Check out: Cuved edge display of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note Edge

Here is the big brother of the Samsung flagship phablet Galaxy Note 4, which got a slight more edge to its beauty, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Galaxy Note Edge is not a phone of the future but it might give us the insight of how much the curved display can revolutionize the way we see smart phones or tablets. Samsung ... Read More »

Motorola Moto 360 one of the best smart watches

motorola moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 is one of the good looking smart watches. The circular design of the watch is succeeding to enhance its beauty where other square-shaped watches weren’t up to the challenge but it’s all on the matter of preferences. Moto 360 is equipped with a 1.56 inch backlit LCD protected by gorilla glass, which looks like it will be ... Read More »

Replace your all debit or credit cards with Coin card and swipe around!

coin card android

Do you carry plastic money wherever you go? And for that, you have to keep all of your card types with you in your pocket that may include business cards, personal cards etc – all in the shape of debit or credit cards. What if you can replace all of these cards with just a single one, and which is ... Read More »

StickNFind offers Bluetooth Sticker to find your Keys

Bluetooth Stickers

Do you get irritated at times like when you are getting late and you are not able to find your car keys? Get Stick-N-Find’s Bluetooth sticker and get irritated never. It is a very handy and useful tool to track your stuff. It supports a very small Bluetooth sticker which sticks with the device you want to track from your ... Read More »

StackSocial deal: 36% off on a handy battery pack for android, Limefuel Lite

LimeFuel Lite, stacksocial

Do you have a smartphone? And it must be on charging mode almost every time? Because it has never happened to anyone that ‘I have enough battery for today and I’ll charge my phone tomorrow’. It literally is like a dream come true, doesn’t it? But you can still claim about having enough battery power along with you, if you ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Z3 features Leaked, What are your expectations?

Xperia Z3 features leak

Are you a Sony fan? New flagship of Sony smartphone is about to appear on the stage of android world. And this time Sony Xperia Z3 would come up, what are your expectations from Sony for its IFA 2014 conference in Berlin? We expect, the release date of Sony Xperia Z3 would be somewhere around September 2014. Do you want ... Read More »

Pressy button is a cool gadget to customize the world of Android phones.

pressy android

When we have a smartphone, who don’t want to make it smart enough to get everything with just a single tap? We often use different apps to have access on the actions we perform very frequently. For example, we have covered a post for you to enhance functionality of your phone’s volume button. Or sometimes, we even use shortcuts apps ... Read More »

Check out: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini features with Android 4.4 KitKat

samsung galaxy s5 mini features

Are you looking for cheap Samsung Galaxy S5? Here is your time, because they have launched Samsung Galaxy S5 mini for you. Instead of purchasing some replica, you can choose this option, it’s kind of handy. Samsung has done it for you and launched the mini version of its current android phone. The new mini phone has come with the ... Read More »

Moto Stream makes any stereo system wireless

wireless music

Do you like to play or stream music? What a silly question, we most of the time hear such words around us! Of course we do… People of this age and of past have been into music. There was a trend of cassettes, walkman players and CDs, which is now replaced with mobile phone music, online music streaming and downloading ... Read More »