You can add power button functionality to status bar, try it!

What makes your android an amazing platform to play? It has the possibility of high level of customization. So, if you have root access, you can modify almost the whole lot things of your android smartphone. However, there are lots of things as well which practically do not require any root access and you can modify things without su. For this, Xposed Framework has good functionality, but there is another tool APKTool, which can do and modify things in loads better way. It will aid you with coding and will improve your skills quite much.

With the help of these tools, you can add a virtual power button in the status bar of your cell phone. You can activate it simply by tapping the clock icon. Isn’t it cool? Want to get your hands on it? You can add this to your favorite ROM. All you need to do is to download the latest version of APKTool and follow this guideline. This guide will provide you with the process of getting a virtual power button to the status bar of your cell phone. They have explained it in proper manner and have provided you with images for proper guidance.

root access


If you follow the above steps mentioned in the link, you will be able to get the power button on your screen. And it will be functioning by tapping the status bar clock. With it, you can also add other useful options to the actual power button. It will be very valuable for those users, who have lost or are about to lose the functionality of their cell phones’ power button.  It has been tested on Xperia with Android 4.3.

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