Downlaod Universal Android Toolkit, now available in JAVA!

Android fans!! One of the most long awaited toolkit is finally out. Again XDA has done it and this time one of the senior members, Beatsleigher, has come out with Universal Android Toolkit. Now, it is a platform where number of features reside at the same time. And you have no need to download number of things to your same computer, just have Universal Android Toolkit.

As the word – Universal – indicates its vast-ness, so this tool kit offers to run on different PCs. Since, this toolkit has been re-written by the guy named Beatsleighter, you can enjoy the chance to run it on number of operating systems. It has been ported to JAVA.

What does this Universal Android Toolkit offer? Well, this toolkit offers you standard ADB and Fastboot functionality. Among number of added features, you can avail features like installing of APKs, pushing and pulling of them. As well as, if you would like you can access recovery commands, can use fastboot option and can go through other number of things too… Well, ofcourse you can as always browse the files of your Android Smartphone. Plus, there is an option to check the levels of your Smartphone’s battery. Moreover, you can get and save your log files for later use.

This is not it! As this toolkit doesn’t offer option of fullstop, so the future holds more of the upgraded features. It has been heard that the future version will be up with even more innovative features such as device flasher and build.prop manager. Fyi, this toolkit, Universal Android Toolkit, has been written with Netbeans and the JdroidLib library. And Beatsleigher is again the creator of them.

You can download the latest version from this link, and let the fun begin!

Universal Android Toolkit from Beatsleigher

Universal Android Toolkit by Beatsleigher


So, tell us which Android Smartphone do you have? And how you are going to use this Universal Android Toolkit. Share your experience in the comment section below.