Download Android L apps and taste the flavor of Android L

download Android Lollipop

Google I/O 2014

Google I/O has showcased number of items this time. And we all are excited about hearing more and to have hands-on experience of all of them. But there is still a delay we have to suffer from.

To calm your nerves in the interim, we are going to share such a Google I/O goodie, which you can use right now and you don’t have to wait till the launch date for official release. Do you want to taste the flavor of Android L before its release? Yeah, you can try out Android L even though it is still under process of development and has not been launched officially.

You can download Android L on your devices. It is not actually a firmware but a guy from xda developers has built it for the non-patient fans like us (:D). You can download and run different stock Apps and Wallpapers of the upcoming Android 5.0 OS or more commonly known as Android L. However, not all of the apps are working on KitKat or on the previous versions of Android OS.

You can download Android L apps, some of which are working fine. To have a taste of Android L, you can run smoothly Google Home and Google Now, as well as you can go for Camera app, Keyboard, Youtube, Search, Play music, Play services, Gmail, Clock and Sound search etc. These apps are not less enough but at the same time they are not enough too to have full hands-on experience of Android L. You have to wait till the launch for the full experience. But you can download and install the system and check out Android L fonts too, you have an option of Android L Alarm tones as well and the Bootanimations.

download Android Lollipop

Android L

Pick up any one of the Android L aforementioned working apps and install or you can install whole of the apps of the system for Android L. You can download the working apps and relevant stuff from the website of XDA developers. Here is the link.

While there are certain apps which when ran on previous versions of Android OS, they collapsed. These apps didn’t even load or you will have to do a “close force”. Among these apps, Chrome, Calculator and Google Earth are included. But the working apps list is still long enough to enjoy while you take a little ride to Android L on your Android based smartphones.

Before starting and flashing the flash-able zip, be a dear and make backup of your phone data, Good Luck :) The Link.