Download ElementalX for Nexus 5 to get Knock-ON feature of LG G2

Knock-ON feature for Nexus 5

LG G2 Knock-ON feature

LG has introduced a very cool feature in one of its recent phones, LG G2, i.e. the Knock-ON feature. This feature wakes the phone screen up whenever you double tap the big screen of the phone instead of pressing the power button. It is a built-in feature of LG G2, isn’t it cool?

Do you want to install this cool feature on your phone? If you have a Google Nexus 5, this is very easy to install, you can have it with Aroma installer. However, you need root access and need to modify the kernel. ElementalX kernel provides you with the options of overclocking and underclocking. There is a chance for you to select any of the options independently. For example, with it you can select frequencies of each of the available cores. You can also avail the overclocking of bus if you want to. Gboost is also there to improve the overall performance so there is no chance of lagging with Elemental X.

Knock-ON feature for nexus 5


You can also set max screen off frequency. There is another feature that will help you with the voltage as well, choose the voltage profile so that you can have full voltage control. Elemental X is there to give your lock screen wake up support gesture. It gives you either of the two options, go for sweep2wake or doubletap2wake, you choose. While using the features of Elemental X android, you can disable wake up functions with timeout as well as for power button. You can also dim the backlight of your phone with the help of the available dimmer when ElementalX installed.

Do you need a super charge for your phone? Charge your phone via USB with fastcharge. It also supports CIFS, NTFS r/w and exFAT. You can both enable and disable fsync anytime. Enjoy multi-ROM feature with ElementalX. You can also install ROM which supports charging light.

For your android screen, preset cool colors are available to take advantage of. Of course, there is gamma and color support available within this tool. And for your information, these are compatible with faux apps and franco. For faux, it also supports sounds option. It gives you another tool of /dev/frandom.

What’s more? ElementalX for Nexus 5 kernel gives you a chance to use the different features of DriveDroid. You can also go for optimized O3 linaro 4.9.1.

Here is the link to the XDA developer’s forum and learn how to get this cool feature of LG G2 on your Google Nexus 5.

LG G2 feature

Knock-ON feature