Download vRoot to root Android phone and save warranty from voiding

Usually when you think of rooting your android device especially when it’s new the first thing which strikes in mind, is the warranty void bash. The makers of android devices don’t offer root access and even don’t appreciate it, because if something goes wrong your android phone will be as good as a brick. With this fear, we usually don’t like to go for rooting. But if you have an android phone without rooting, there is a big hole to fill up! So, do you want to know the procedure with which you can both root your android device and can keep the warranty as well? Let’s dig out…

You need to have a device which runs Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or higher to get advantage of this procedure. To get root access of your device, you need to download VRoot. This is a suite of softwares which will help you out with rooting and saves the warranty.

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  • Make sure that all of the necessary drivers of your phone have been installed already.
    Battery more than 90% charged.
    VRoot for your computer. (Here is the link to download)

Let’s see how this will work?

  1. Jump into Settings and disable Lock Reactivation, if you have a Samsung phone with Knox.
  2. Install VRoot and make sure you have enabled USB Debugging on your device. For that, move into Developer Options. Or you can move into About of your phone’s settings and tap on the Build Number 7 times.
  3. Plug your device into your computer and make sure everything has connected finely.
  4. The root button will then appear on VRoot, when it will finish up with recognizing your device if available on the database.
  5. You are done after pressing Root button, your device will reboot once.
  6. Now click here to make sure, if your device has got root access.
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Supersuer access is there already but if you want to download super famous SuperSU from Google Play store, here is the link.

Good Luck!