Give your LG 4k and slow-motion video modes

4k and slow-motion modes for LG

4k and slow-motion modes

Are you an Android based LG gadget holder and more of a photographer? More of doing anything else, do you most of the time prefer capturing and recording the moments? Then, let’s learn what you can make your camera do for you! Although Smartphones from LG are not usually very much equipped by heavy mega-pixels, yet they function quite well. LG perfers fuctionality more than the pile of mega-pixel.

Let’s take a quick look to learn, how to give your LG 4k and slow-motion video modes. For that, you need to follow a step by step guideline for your LG gadget, which is running KitKat. It will enable your LG’s camera to add upto 4K resolution with a feature that can record a video at a rate of 120 FPS. To make your gadget super cool, you need to be an engineer. Otherwise, engineering skills from one of your’s friends can be of use or else you need to improve your skill first.

Without wasting your time, you can use guidelines, which are designed by Jishnu Sur from XDA developer. And it will take yours as much time as of 5 minutes to be an owner of a slow-mo capturing camera with an ability of 4K resolution.

You can start modding APK’s right now. Let’s assure you that Jishnu Sur from XDA developer  has explained each steps properly and provided the complete guideline with photographs. As per requirement, you should have:-

What is needed? 
1) Ticklemyandroid.
2) Notepad++
3) Universal Deodexer.
4) 5 minutes.
5) Mouse pointer
6) Media_Profiles.cml [In Attachments] 7) LG G2 Kitkat Files.

Here is  the link to complete guide and you can check the experience of other guys too, click here.

Later, come here again and share your experience of modding and upgradation of your beloved LG. We will be waiting to get your feedback on how was your experience and which LG deivce have you made supercool already. Good Luck!