Install WhatsWidgets for WhatsApp to get conversations on Home Screen

Do you have installed WhatsApp app in your android phone? And to get to it, you need to explore your phone. And it annoys you most of the time? Install widget of the app and feel free to have a direct access of WhatsApp app.

You need to get a delightful widget to see what’s going on at your WhatsApp app. Or else, you can go into WhatsApp settings and to Notifications. Now, you need to enable popup notifications of the app. It will give you popup notifications wither you are using your phone or not. It will give you notifications on your lock screen.

Whats-Widgets (ROOT!)


Do you want to see different conversations at the same time? Get WhatsWidgets for your phone and add number of widgets on your home screen to see conversations directly from your home screen. You can put filters on the widget as well. You can have each widget for your favorite contacts. This widget is resizable and it supports scrolling option for your ease. It also provides you with a quick reply option directly from the widget, no need to jump into the app. Just keep WhatsWidgets running.

Do you want to go offline, while you need some alone time for yourself? WhatsWidgets gives you an option to toggle between offline and online mode. Stay discounted or connected to the server with a single tap.  It will freeze your last date and you will receive no more messages from the senders. All the incoming and outgoing messages will be active as soon as you go online. You can still use internet in different apps, while you are offline in WhatsApp app with the help of WhatsWidgets.

Do you want different theme for your WhatsApp widget? WhatsWidgets lets you have different layouts and themes.

You need that widget, you need to root your phone. This widget supports Android 2.0, however, scrolling feature works with 3.0 and above. Emoji and smiley apps are compatible in case you have android 4.1 or above.

So, tell us is it worth getting? Download from here.

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