Make your Android Smartphone Root Free with the help of SuperSU

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Have you been facing problems with your Android phone? Or are you going to upgrade and replace your phone with some newer model? In either of cases, do you need your cell phone to be root free?  THre are number of method, you can find over the internet to have your cell phone unrooted. Let’s bring you an easier one here. Take a look!

This tutorial is designed to facilitate you with removing the root access of your Android smartphone. With the help of SuperSU, we will be able to remove root access of your cell phone. There are no barriers with SuperSU, once you are done you can easily uninstall this SuperSU app from your Android smartphone.

Take a look on how to make your Android phone Root free:-

  1. Download, install and run the app, SuperSU. You can have SuperSU app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app, and tap on Settings, upper right corner of your cell phone’s screen. Now, tap on Full Unroot and tap again on “Continue” to confirm your action.
  3. Now, it will make your Android root free, this is going to take a few minutes of yours. Restart your Android phone, once you are done.
  4. Done already? Do you want to confirm either you have done it right or anything went wrong? You can download, Root Checker, to check status of your device. It will confirm you that your device is free of root access now. You can now, uninstall SuperSU from your device manually.


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This has been tested successfully on Samsung Galaxy S4. You can try on any of your Android smartphone.

So tell us, did this method really work for your Android phone? And why you want to unroot your Android smartphone? Which smartphone you have and share rooting methods and experiences in the comment section below.


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