Per-App Modes helps you improving battery performance.

Smartphone and low battery are now synonyms to each other. This is today’s dilemma, battery just got empty, even when you have not touched your phone that much! And it is not fair, whenever you are playing your super favorite game or doing “something” important with your Smartphone, the battery dies immediately!  What the fuss? It is its “the big broad” display no doubt, but are there other factors too? Well, they are CPU frequency, CPU clock, temperature threshold and the list goes on… So, how to deal with this big list? If you have root access then you are lucky enough to have a solution to your problem. You can increase your battery time with the help of Per-App Modes.

Per-App Modes for android

different modes of Per-App Modes

How does Per-App Modes work? This app helps you to set customized settings for almost every app. What you have to do is to select less preferred apps at low performance settings, while the highly preferred apps should get high performance settings. For example, you can set CPU clock at its lowest frequency while you are reading or going through a novel. And for the games which are just a time-pass thing, you can set the settings on mediocre level. Whereas, when it comes about your most favorite activities like playing your one of the most interesting game, your CPU levels should be performing at highest levels. Customize the app running in the way you want to with the aid of Per-App Modes.

Well, there are the things you should be aware of before running this app, it may conflict with franco.kernel app. And some modules may also disturb with the use of Per-App Modes. Some important notes from Google Play Store:-

1 – Requires Root to function. No refunds are offered if you fail to read this notice;
2 – Works on all rooted devices from 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) up to the later
3 – Works regardless of the Kernel, so if you’re using Stock or any other Kernel it will work
4 – If you’re using Xposed Tinted bar mod you’ll need to deactivate it or change its behaviour or you’ll have a couple problems due to this app using transparent navigation bar (KitKat only)
5 – I hold no responsibility for the misuse of this application on your device

You can grab this app for $2.73 from Google Play Store, it has been rated as 4.8. So, share your experience on how much battery drainage you have saved from your least favorite apps?