Root access: Make Guest profile for shared devices like tablets

Android world is now very much improved since its first launch. Many of the features have been added and loads are improved in the period of five years. Meanwhile, developers have made their penetration deeper than ever and now have made number of improvements in the custom ROM section too.

android restricted profile

android guest profile

Apart from root access, home screen tweaking and customization have always been inspiring. Numbers of widgets are there to add and the big horizontal swiping pages of home screen are the key features developers have been working on. One such tweak has been developed which require root access. This tweak helps you to add profile support to your home screen. It is quite a handy tool to get. It features profile customization with your chosen apps and settings.

Create your profiles and choose your settings. The profile support helps you to add number of profiles and to give them customized mode of access and usage. It can activate a Guest profile mode as well in order to have restricted profile settings. However, the developer has made it very clear to pre-define your restricted apps before creating the Guest profile.

Both tablet and mobile users can take advantage of it, however, for gear users – we have not tried this profile thing yet. You can add your favorite apps on home screen in the form of shortcuts and save them for later use. Devices which have more than one user like tablets can take advantage of this feature.

This profiling feature has been enabled on Jelly Bean and only to non-KitKat devices, users can have its access via rooting. But, before getting started with it, you should make a backup of your phone’s data. APKTool and Xposed Module can be helpful. If you have firmware above Android 4.1 and below 4.3 installed, you can take advantage of this feature.

For step-by-step guide, you can follow this thread.