SDFix will help you installing apps on SD card (KiKat 4.4)

Many of us have been using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean due to its suitability and stability, while others have updated their Android based devices to 4.4 KitKat. Many of the features of this latest edition of OS are appreciable like it is more integrated than ever, it has given improved files access, messages app improvement, improved artwork and UI etc. But at the same time, many users don’t update their Android based gadgets and still like sticking to Jelly Bean. Why? One of the reasons being is the way now Android 4.4 handles the SD cards and somehow lack of stability. Installed apps are no longer supported on external memory cards and this is one of the serious issues needs to be addressed at once.

So, we are here with an update from XDA developers. There is an app, which is developed by one of the senior members – Tliebeck, SDFix. This app allows users with KitKat to install apps on SD cards. You can use SDFix only when your Android based gadget is using stock ROM. And this has to be adjusted to allow the access of the SD card. Usually, most of the custom ROMs are bug fixed already.

SDFix for androidSDFix app

SDFix appSDFix anroid

The writer of this app has made very clear that if you are aware of your Android having the problem, go ahead and install SDFix, otherwise it is useless 100%. While SDFix is in beta mode but the developer has tested it over number of devices and seeded it. Here are some words for him:-

THIS IS A BETA RELEASE. WHILE I HAVE TESTED THIS ON MULTIPLE DEVICES MANY TIMES, PLEASE RESTRICT YOUR USE OF THIS APP TO DEVICES YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO REFLASH FROM SCRATCH. I do not expect this to occur, but this is release #1 of this app, and it modifies a configuration file as root. That said, my test devices still work even when I deliberately corrupted and deleted the target file in testing.

SDFix is freely available and without ads, you can get it from here.