Try out AROMA ZIP MAKER and make ZIP files in seconds

Are you a developer? Are you into getting root access of your Android phone and stuff? Or are you into ROM Installation and customization? If rooting is your thing and you like to customize packages, then you should try AROMA ZIP Maker.

For ROM installation, you can avail number of options. Some of the options just help you installing the packages, while others give you an option to customize them as well. One of such examples is AROMA Installer. AROMA Installer is developed by a well known developer amarullz. He has come up with a way handy tool and has enabled it to a great extent. You have now no need to install a predefined packages. Rather you can pick up your content, choose whatever you want to put in and can set the parameters to some extent.

No matter, you are a new comer in the world of developing apps or you have been developing since the day you came into being. There are available number of guides and tutorials over the internet to learn and drive the platform of Android world since the beginning.  And AROMA ZIP Maker tool is one among them, but the beauty of this tool is that you will find it both useful and handy.

As the name suggests, AROMA ZIP Maker, this tool is eligible to convert simple flashable zip to aroma installer based flashable zip. It has been made for those, who want to add AROMA INSTALLER to their themes or apps. The current version is available in beta form, which has been released yesterday.

aroma zip maker android

aroma zip maker app

Do you want a quick guide? Here is the link, follow and learn from the step by step guide.

New comer or the pro, whichever is your type, share your developing experience in the comment section below. And, tell us did you find it both handy and useful?