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How to print a document using android phone with Google Cloud Print

wifi printing

Do you encounter with huge number of email messages daily? Some of which are just as good as junk while others are important to you? And for that, sometimes, do you need to print out number of such important emails for your record or to use them with some documents? If you have an android phone, you have no need ... Read More »

Google Maps update version 8.2.0 brings elevation and voice commands

Google Maps version 8.2.0 brings elevation and voice commands

Are you much dependent on Google Maps? We have recently covered a post for you on “how to save Google Maps offline”. But now we have great news to share with you. The next version of Android 5.0 OS, Android L, will have much of the cool upgrades to its Google Maps app. Let’s see, what changes will be there ... Read More »

Learn how to save Google Maps offline on your android gadget

how to save Google Maps offline

Google Maps is one of the best products that Google has ever introduced. And almost we all use it while we are moving in some new area for directions. Or to check the location where exactly on earth are we! We do rely on this cool product of Google. It needs an internet support to load maps and locate our ... Read More »

Google to upgrade its google chrome for android with new features

google chrome news

Google chrome has been used worldwide; no matter it is laptop or your shiny mobile. Millions of users run it each day. Are you among one of the mobile users of Google chrome? If you are not, you might like to be the one after knowing about the updates occurred to it. Google chrome has been seeded a few weeks ... Read More »

Google bans Adult android content from Google Play Store

google play store banned

Google bans the use of inappropriate and erotic content on its Play Store. And now Google warns the developers about writing and publishing of such content which is inappropriate for youngsters. The ban of erotic apps will have very positive effect on Google Play Store. The app market has been explored and browsed by almost every age group including youngsters ... Read More »

How to improve the lag in browsing of Google Chrome, take a look!

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Google Chrome has no need to introduce itself. It is one of the most hit browsers over the internet on different OS i.e. Windows, Android and iOS. It is widely used app for browsing since its launch. However, there is an issue with Android device holders; they face a problem of delayed scrolling whenever it’s used. This lag is pretty ... Read More »

[Rumor] Google Now will help you paying your bills in near future

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Do you pay your bills timely? Or you are too busy to remember them? Or do you take help from your cell phone to remind you of all the pending bills? It can’t do that all alone. Whatever your case is, Google is going to help you out with your bill problems. Indeed, it will be reminding you about your ... Read More »

Shareboard posts on different social networks with a single tap

shareboard android

Do you have sudden rush of updating your status at times? And for that, you need to visit facebook, twitter, google+ and other sites to get to your different friend circles? And at times, do you feel annoyed for opening different social network sites to update the same status over and over? Do you want an Android app for that? ... Read More »

Google is going to focus on Business and Security on Android 5.0


Google has been working on next Android 5.0 OS version. And one of our resources has claimed that Google will be focusing on business sector to increase the productivity. As well as, the upcoming OS will have definitely high alert security. Security is preliminary to business. As, iOS based gadgets are more business and security oriented than any other gadgets, ... Read More »

Music Volume EQ helps you boost your Android Smartphone’s stereo

Music volume eq

There is always a stuck in volume when you are enjoying your favorite music. Do you feel some kind of lack and want to add more volume to your ear drums while the favorite song is still going on? Well, to aid this, there is no magic spell available to cast but we are here to share an app, which ... Read More »