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Learn how to save Google Maps offline on your android gadget

how to save Google Maps offline

Google Maps is one of the best products that Google has ever introduced. And almost we all use it while we are moving in some new area for directions. Or to check the location where exactly on earth are we! We do rely on this cool product of Google. It needs an internet support to load maps and locate our ... Read More »

Android 4.4.5 or Android 5.0 Lollipop, What do you expect from Google?

android news

When it comes about Android OS, everyone wants to hear about the latest version. And now-a-days, Android 4.4.3 is a hot topic to talk about. Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming around in any sooner or are there just rumors floating around! Everyone wants to know about its launch. It’s been a while we have been seeing a number of posts ... Read More »

Google to upgrade its google chrome for android with new features

google chrome news

Google chrome has been used worldwide; no matter it is laptop or your shiny mobile. Millions of users run it each day. Are you among one of the mobile users of Google chrome? If you are not, you might like to be the one after knowing about the updates occurred to it. Google chrome has been seeded a few weeks ... Read More »

Google bans Adult android content from Google Play Store

google play store banned

Google bans the use of inappropriate and erotic content on its Play Store. And now Google warns the developers about writing and publishing of such content which is inappropriate for youngsters. The ban of erotic apps will have very positive effect on Google Play Store. The app market has been explored and browsed by almost every age group including youngsters ... Read More »

Google Fiber has already been growing! and What about Mobile Services?

google fiber

Google no doubt has become one of the largest companies of the world and still the growth is on the go. It has been expanding to different dimensions. According to a report, Google had a series of meetings with Verizon Wireless. And it has also been reported that the meeting held in January, was to cover number of issues. One ... Read More »

How to improve the lag in browsing of Google Chrome, take a look!

chrome android app

Google Chrome has no need to introduce itself. It is one of the most hit browsers over the internet on different OS i.e. Windows, Android and iOS. It is widely used app for browsing since its launch. However, there is an issue with Android device holders; they face a problem of delayed scrolling whenever it’s used. This lag is pretty ... Read More »

Command Google search app “take a photo” to capture what you see!

google search app for android

Are you into taking photos or storing memories? If you prefer doing either of these, you will love the new update of Google Search app. Now, you can take photos and even record videos with the help of voice assistance. No need to wait and press the button, just capture the frame by simply asking. At times, you don’t have ... Read More »

Google has updated its Street View with New Ocean Locations!


Google has been working on the idea of creating virtual maps for underwater world since 2012. Since then, Google has been working very hard on this project. It is well appreciated. A couple of days ago, Google has updated new locations to its image collection of ocean Street View. These are around Monaco, Cancun and Isla Mujeres, take a look ... Read More »