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Download 100 Balls Android, Save your Balls and Get to your Level

100 ballz android

You might have tons of addictive games in your mobile phone. Yet there is another addictive one is here to have fun with. Increase your daily game list with the android app, they call it 100 Balls. Have you tried it yet? There have been present loads of clones already on Google Play Store as well as on App Store ... Read More »

Bioshock mobile version is going to hit iOS gadgets this summer =(

bioshock apk

The award-winning Bioshock is going to land on mobile platform, are you excited? It is one of the most addictive first person shooting games, which will soon be available on iOS gadgets. However, this is still to confirm when the android gadget holders will get the chance to get the experience of Bioshock on their devices. The trio of the ... Read More »

Download Doodle Jump android an insanely addictive game

download doodle jump apk

Do you need something to kill your boredom? Beware this app is super addictive. They call it doodle jump android. It is all free and one of the hottest games on Google Play Store. The game was very much played and liked on iOS platform and has been among the top apps of App Store for so many years. As ... Read More »

Donwload iMuscle 2, the best workout android app with animations

best workout app android with animations

Are you an office-goer and find no time to join some gym for personal fitness? And have you been looking for some cool app which will help you out with your daily workout via animations? iMuscle 2 is one the best health and fitness app for your android and will actually be your complete instructor. You can call iMuscle android ... Read More »

Download free arcade game android, Don’t Tap The White Tiles

Don’t Tap The White Tiles apk

Don’t Tap The White Tiles is for android and for iOS this game is known as Piano Tiles. The app is same but the names are different, the names are assigned on the basis of OS. So what does this game says? As the name tells “Don’t Tap The White Tiles”, you exactly have to do that. This is the ... Read More »

Android 4.4.5 or Android 5.0 Lollipop, What do you expect from Google?

android news

When it comes about Android OS, everyone wants to hear about the latest version. And now-a-days, Android 4.4.3 is a hot topic to talk about. Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming around in any sooner or are there just rumors floating around! Everyone wants to know about its launch. It’s been a while we have been seeing a number of posts ... Read More »

Among direct rivals, HTC claims HTC One (M8) is better than Galaxy S5

Training htc one m8 versus samsung galaxy s5

A competition has been set out among the different mobile manufacturers. Among these, Samsung and Apple are the top rivals, and this generates a positive competition between iOS and Android. Each of the OS developers is in need to increase its market share. Both direct and indirect competition is there in the mobile world. Apple solely operates in iOS so ... Read More »

Apple’s official app, iTunes, to hit Android platform, are you ready?

iTunes app android

iTunes store app is heading towards Android. This is great news for Android device holders. It has been a great app to purchase music ever since iPod has come to existence. Have you been waiting to try out iTunes app on Android platform? It will bring a chance to purchase music of your favorite artists and much more. However, the ... Read More »

SlideLock enables iOS like lockscreen on your Android

slidelock for android

Are you the one, who believes in trying different things on your Android Smartphone? And this time, do you want to make your Androids Smartphone smart enough to run an iOS-like feature on it? Let’s take you on a tour on how to get an iOS like lock screen on your Android Smartphone. It is not that your Android is ... Read More »

WhatsApp is going to add voice services later this year!

whatsapp 1

Have you registered your number with WhatsApp and are you a big fan of it already? WhatsApp is a big platform for chatters. Well, to increase your fan-ism; we have a very exciting news to share with you. Have you ever wanted to add a voice function into your WhatsApp app? This is the time; you have been listened because ... Read More »