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Download ElementalX for Nexus 5 to get Knock-ON feature of LG G2

Knock-ON feature for Nexus 5

LG has introduced a very cool feature in one of its recent phones, LG G2, i.e. the Knock-ON feature. This feature wakes the phone screen up whenever you double tap the big screen of the phone instead of pressing the power button. It is a built-in feature of LG G2, isn’t it cool? Do you want to install this cool ... Read More »

Download vRoot to root Android phone and save warranty from voiding

download vroot english

Usually when you think of rooting your android device especially when it’s new the first thing which strikes in mind, is the warranty void bash. The makers of android devices don’t offer root access and even don’t appreciate it, because if something goes wrong your android phone will be as good as a brick. With this fear, we usually don’t ... Read More »

Do you want to get root access on KitKat for Galaxy S3: Here is how!

GALAXY S3 kitkat rooting

KitKat has already been out there for your cell phones and now if you have Galaxy S3 phone with you, there is good news. However, KitKat for Galaxy S3 is downloadable to limited editions of Samsung Galaxy S3, the version with 3G-only GT-19300. Here is tutorial to show you how to get Galaxy S3 custom KitKat based ROM. Rooting comes ... Read More »

Install WhatsWidgets for WhatsApp to get conversations on Home Screen


Do you have installed WhatsApp app in your android phone? And to get to it, you need to explore your phone. And it annoys you most of the time? Install widget of the app and feel free to have a direct access of WhatsApp app. You need to get a delightful widget to see what’s going on at your WhatsApp ... Read More »

Weaksauce is ready to root the upcoming HTC One M8

weaksauce HTC One M8

HTC’s newest model has been up for pre-sales, are you ready for it? Before getting your hands on it, do you want to know how to get root access for HTC One M8? WeakSauce is an active ingredient of your recipe. During the time period of pre-sales, developers have been already focusing on HTC One M8. Their interest shows that ... Read More »

You can add power button functionality to status bar, try it!

power button android

What makes your android an amazing platform to play? It has the possibility of high level of customization. So, if you have root access, you can modify almost the whole lot things of your android smartphone. However, there are lots of things as well which practically do not require any root access and you can modify things without su. For ... Read More »

Set image to Settings panel of your phone, root access required!!


Are you the one, who keeps his or her cell phone, updated? And you just don’t miss any of the updates and are you very much into trying new stuff? If you like themes or custom made wallpapers, then you are definitely going to love this post. Instead of grabbing some apk files for themes, do you prefer choosing your ... Read More »

SDFix will help you installing apps on SD card (KiKat 4.4)

SDFix app for kitkat

Many of us have been using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean due to its suitability and stability, while others have updated their Android based devices to 4.4 KitKat. Many of the features of this latest edition of OS are appreciable like it is more integrated than ever, it has given improved files access, messages app improvement, improved artwork and UI etc. ... Read More »

Get Galaxy S4 Root Access running Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Android 4.4.2

So, have you already updated your Samsung Galaxy S4 with KitKat? Let’s have root access of Galaxy S4 as well… What you need to have before getting the job done? Samsung Galaxy S4 of yours, which has firmware I9505XXUFNA1. This is compatible only with the international variant. Get Chainfire’s CF Auto-Root package with SuperSU fix, click here. Download Samsung Android ... Read More »

Give your LG 4k and slow-motion video modes

4k and slow-motion modes for LG

Are you an Android based LG gadget holder and more of a photographer? More of doing anything else, do you most of the time prefer capturing and recording the moments? Then, let’s learn what you can make your camera do for you! Although Smartphones from LG are not usually very much equipped by heavy mega-pixels, yet they function quite well. ... Read More »