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Galaxy S5 got region locked, warning found on European Galaxy S5 box

samsung galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been released and now present around worldwide. They have distributed the phone in 125 countries to cater maximum of the world’s population with the newest features of Samsung Galaxy S5. But, Galaxy S5 got region lock and you can’t use it unless you have activated it, just like Galaxy Note 3 back in September 2013. This ... Read More »

Want to get hands-on experience? try out GALAXY S5 Experience App

samsung galaxy s5 experience app

Galaxy S5 has already been out. And many of the Samsung lovers booked their Galaxy S5 and have made their pre-orders. Are you ready for getting your Galaxy S5? But, before getting it, take a hands-on experience of the phone without purchasing it. Here is how! Samsung has launched its great app for experiencing the great features of Galaxy S5 ... Read More »

Goophone S5 is out there to get cheap version of Samsung Galaxy S5

GooPhone S5

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, android users got another big phone to talk about. Meanwhile, as the number of fans has been increasing since the day it launched, everyone wants to get his hands on the phone. Obviously, a few of us can afford this much price to get Galaxy S5, while others will not be able to ... Read More »

Why you should pick up Samsung Galaxy S5? Here are the reasons

samsung galaxy s5 launch

Have you been waiting for April the 11th? The Galaxy S5 from Samsung is going to hit US market, are you ready for it? But before getting ready check this post. You will see the top most features why you should purchase newest Galaxy S5. Display The makers of display test kits, DisplayMate Technologies, have concluded that Galaxy S5 has ... Read More »

Samsung announced price for Galaxy S5, Clove is the Retailer

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price

Samsung has finally announced price for its Galaxy S5. However, major chunk of Android users were disappointed after the launch of Galaxy S5 as they were expecting much bigger from Samsung this MWC 2014. Somehow, induction of features like fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor have added value to it. Water and dust resistant feature is also a big add-on ... Read More »

Samsung has opened fingerprint scanner for developers’ access


New Smartphone from Samsung, GS5, has a specialized home button key, which is integrated with a fingerprint scanner. It is now everywhere over the internet. And this is the very first time, when Samsung has come up with this next level technology and changed the Android world. With the launch of this fingerprint scanner from Samsung Galaxy S5, it is ... Read More »

Top 20 Features: Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S5 has been displayed officially by MWC 2014 and it will hit the market by April 2014. One of the most appealing features like fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor has already attracted crowd of tons and everyone at least want to try out these features. Water and dust resistant characteristic together with data security have made Samsung ... Read More »

Monday The 24th: Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Expectations of Yours!


Finally, Monday, the 24th of February has arrived and passed… Have you been already waiting to catch updates and details from MWC 2014 about Samsung Galaxy S5? It has already become one of the hot topics to talk and know about! In Barcelona, MWC 2014 has showcased Samsung Galaxy S5 with 5.1-inch full HD super AMOLED display having as high ... Read More »