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Norton Mobile Security for £3.49

Buy Norton Mobile Security Cheap

Mobile security is as much important as security on the computer. In fact its more important as there have been apps reported who make calls to premium numbers and send SMS without even your knowledge and you just get a nasty surprise when you get your mobile phone bill. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came with a trial version of ... Read More »

Unsupported Audio Codec Samsung Galaxy Note 3

AC3 player for Android MX Player

Unsupported Audio Codec error in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I use my Samsung galaxy note 3 to stream video files from my computer using local area network on WiFi. I was using the same setup with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so I know that the setup is perfectly fine. When I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I started getting ... Read More »

Free Nature Wallpapers

Scenic Wallpapers for Cell Phones

Free Nature Wallpapers for Mobile Phones The green color always gives a soothing effect to eyes so I always recommend people who use mobile phones a lot to use green color wallpapers. Also I have noticed that when I use nature related wallpapers on my mobile phone the phone looks cool I have selected a few of them here. You ... Read More »

Free Automatic Call Recorder

Best Android Call Recorder

Record all calls an Android Automatically I am sure, just like me a lot of you people have already thought on how to recording all calls automatically on your phone. I have always thought that this was one of the basic necessities on a mobile phone. The reason behind that is that a lot of people do business on the ... Read More »

Android File and Network Browser

Access computer file son mobile via Wifi

Free File and Network Browser for Android: I was searching for a Network Browser initially so that I could browse my computer hard drive from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via WiFi . The initial idea was to access some pictures which were in “My Pictures” on my computer. Now I use computer upstairs and my living room is downstairs ... Read More »

Chrome Icon in Note 3

How to get back Chrome Icon in Android

Cannot Find Chrome Icon in Samsung Note 3: Its my 3rd day now using Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I am a very experienced Android and Samsung Galaxy user. My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I am not a fan of actual android browser and use Chrome browser most of the time. Since Note 3, although I had Chrome ... Read More »

Internet connection unstable notification in Samsung Note 3

Internet connection unstable notification

Internet connection unstable notification started showing almost the same day I received it. I had been using Samsung Galaxy note 2 in the same house at the same location and never had this issue before. First I thought that probably Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not good enough in terms of signal strength. So I read the hardware details. I ... Read More »

What does Samsung Eye Icon notification means

Eye with lashes ison samsung galaxy

Recently I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and noticed an Samsung Eye icon which would become active at some point and then become inactive. I was wondering what it was and then I found out that this is basically the Camera of Galaxy tracking your eyes and face movement. There are a lot of features in Galaxy S4 and ... Read More »

How to transfer data between Samsung Note 2 and Note 3 or any other samsung mobile phone or even device

Transfer Data from Old galaxy to new galaxy automatically

Every now and then we get new mobile phones, sometimes we just love the new phone and sometimes we just get a new mobile phone in upgrades. When we get a new phone there is a problem of our data like contacts, messages, pictures, applications, documents etc that how do we move them to the new mobile phone. Now obviously ... Read More »